Second Sitters

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Second sitters is working to bring together a new generation of upholstery professionals
– those who combine traditional craft skills with contemporary thinking and material
exploration. These upholsterers are challenging and deconstructing the preconceptions of
this traditional hidden craft and blurring the boundaries between craft, design and art.
By providing a platform for artists, designers, upholsterers to present and showcase their
own work, through a series of exhibitions and live working, Second Sitters hopes to
educate and inspire the public and industry, promoting not only the maker but also this
often misunderstood ‘invisible’ craft.
Second Sitters is based in Hackney East London, curated by Jude Dennis and Hannah
Stanton and was founded in late 2012 after many lively pub discussions – largely
revolving around the definition of their own work and that of their peers. Both Jude and
Hannah are award winning upholsterers and have been recognised by the industry for
their forward thinking approach to the craft.

Second Sitters Reupholstery Demonstration
Mon 19th January 2015
11:00 – 16:00
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Second Sitters Reupholstery Demonstration
Wed 21st January 2015
11:00 – 16:00
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