SeaBass Cycles


SeaBass cycles was opened November 2013 by 3 bicycle mechanics who between
them have worked in bike shops for of over 30 years.

The drive behind opening the shop was a combination of things. Being able to work
with and to make a living from something we’re passionate about. Wanting to create
one place where somebody can go to get absolutely any repair or customisation
done to their bike, or buy a new one with an emphasis on selling repaired,
refurbished and custom build bikes rather than just selling new ones.
The ethos of the shop is very much repair and refurbish. We would much rather
repair your bike than sell you a new one. We didn’t want to sell ‘units’ churned off a
factory line for quick profit. A lot of the older bikes were hand built in a bygone era
where a lot more care and attention was put into things that were made, unlike
today where things are made with a predetermined life span to be trashed and
replaced in a couple of years.

We are able to carry out any repair or alteration to a bike from puncture repair to
frame repair and anything in-between, we also offer paint services to give bikes a
proper new lease of life.

SeaBass Cycles
62 Camberwell Church st.
020 7703 3470


SeaBass Cycles Bicycle Repair
Mon 26th January 2015
10:30 – 12:30
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SeaBass Cycles Bicycle Repair
Tues 27th January 2015
10:30 – 12:30
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