Michael Marriott

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Repaired Thonet Stool

Michael Marriott is a designer, specialising in furniture, who also works on exhibition design projects regularly, amongst other things. Alongside this diverse practise, he has spent most of his life repairing things.
A childhood spent in antique furniture restoration workshops led to a dissatisfaction with the over-restored and a wonder of the fixed but nor necessarily finished.

About the Repaired Thonet Stool
‘The stool I found on the street with a smashed (embossed plywood) seat, and some loose screws. It also had one existing repair, using thread wrapped around a split in the rail, (then lacquered over?). As a life long lover of Thonet chairs, I couldn’t cycle past without saving this discarded, and repairable stool. I replaced the broken seat with a piece of plywood that had been used as a test piece when screen printing some plywood stools I had designed for Paul Smith.’