Maiko Tsutsumi

Object and Time
Object and Time (2006) Pine table, gilding wax

Maiko Tsutsumi is subject leader for the MA Designer Maker, Camberwell College of Arts.

Tsutsumi studied and apprenticed in furniture making and Japanese lacquer work in Kyoto
before moving to London to study furniture design at the Royal College of Art. In 2007, she
completed her practice-led PhD, The Poetics of Everyday Objects. After working in the
design industry over a decade, she returned to her own studio practice and where she
makes a range of finely crafted sculpture and objects for use in wood and ceramics. Tsutsumi
also writes and has curated exhibitions Thingness (2011/2013) and the Laundry Room

Object and Time was produced during the doctoral research The Poetics of Everyday
Objects, as part of the study on the relationship between object, time and value.