Bridget Harvey

bridget plates


As a maker I occupy a fluid space between design, art and craft. I use traditional and new techniques and work with natural and found materials. I create contemporary craft objects in small quantities and as one-off pieces. I push materials, forms and joins, and am inspired by costume and narrative. My work has been described as exploring ‘themes of carnival, folk art and tribal display with a touch of Blackpool thrown in.’

My practice-based research connects the practical actions and parallel meanings of repair, and includes perpetual examining and rearranging of the agents, narratives, materials and methods/systems of it in order to understand it. Rooted in ideas of design activism, environmentally and socially conscious I am working to create a socially engaged practice that forges understanding through materials, process, use and reuse. Investigating old, new and idiosyncratic methods, I am repairing an on-going series of objects.